About Don Wright

I almost continued a job I didn’t enjoy and would not have had the time to dive head-first in to my greatest passions.  I am instead writing this as a photographer and a web designer who is thankful every day of my life that I’m making a paycheck with my camera and my favorite interests.  In seven years I’ve worked with over 80 Clients all over the Southeast including Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Averitt Trucking, Purina as well as many happy business owners and married couples. I make it a point to over estimate and over deliver – so get in touch with me and lets get started on your project or lets discuss what you have in mind, and run with it.  Best way to meet a new client?  In person.  However, if you peruse my work and like what you see, don’t be afraid to go ahead and schedule your shoot ahead of time, we’ll have plenty of time to meet and get to know each other beforehand.