Family Portrait Session | Craig Family Photography


It’s so nice to photograph a family with a beautiful back yard that is perfect for fall photos! Dogs, kids and all we had a wonderful time capturing some great images which found their way to the Craig family Christmas Card. Thanks for being such a fun group guys – I had a wonderful time.

Mentoring Photography Lessons Now Available in Nashville Area

As you may or may not already know, we’ve taught ALMOST 600 private photography lessons since 2009 and due to popular demand, we’re now offering to accompany YOU on your next photo shoot and lend our experience to help you grow as a photographer in a real world shoot.  Our lessons are great, but there is absolutely no replacement for having some one guide you and assist you at a real client session – now is the time.  We are currently only able to book one mentoring session per week, and all sessions will be scheduled in the order we receive requests.  Our photography lesson in Nashville have been one of the most successful endeavors we’ve taken on and Tom Brewer and I absolutely LOVE teaching you how to use your camera more confidently and helping you understand the controls and technical aspects so that you may go forward with your creativity and no longer be crippled by the unknown settings on your fancy new canon or nikon DSLR.

nikon cameras and pocketwizards and lenses

Photography Mentoring Lesson Prices

Private lessons as already available: $149 for 2 Hours, bring a friend for $50 additiona
New Mentoring Session 1/2 Day:$300 for 4 hours
Full Day Mentoring Session:$550 for FULL DAY 8 hours

State of our Website

Unfortunately we’re still not quite finished launching the all new website, so things are kind of a digital mess right now – but we hope to launch the new all-in-one site by march 1st. We apologize for the delays and the slow updates we’ve made lately. In the meantime, to sign up for a 1/2 day or full day mentoring session and invite us to come to a shoot with you, please contact us over at our wedding photography site while we finish rebuilding our new site from the ground up.

Very Rough First Attempt at Creating Moving Photographs

They are sometimes called “cinemagrams” but really it’s just a fancy word for an animated gif. Gif is an old type of image format made popular back in the 80s that stands for “graphic interchange format” and allows animated frames. The unfortunate part, however, is that it only allows 256 color-spectrum meaning we photographers are severely limited in color gamut when we create these the old fashioned way. I’m no expert, in fact I’ve not really been very interested seeing as how you cannot print a moving picture and put it on the wall, but I do think they have their place in the internet/web world. It’s as easy as shooting video or taking lots of images (with camera on tripod so it doesn’t move) and then select the frames you want to use and mask out the entire background other than the small section of the image which you with to animate. Select your frames, then export into gif format and voila, you have a cinemagram. More on this later.

Photography Lessons make GREAT Christmas Gifts

You might have a special someone or family member who you know is getting a fantastic new digital SLR camera for Christmas this year in Nashville.  If you do, why not compliment their wonderful new gear with a 2 hour private photography lesson to make sure they get to know the ins and outs of their camera without having to read through a 100 page manual written by engineers.  Our photography lessons are more popular than ever this season and we take great pride in tailoring our teaching style to our students personality and lifestyle as well as learning style.  Not everyone learns the same way, which is why our photography lessons are the perfect compliment to a great new camera! What good is a fantastic nikon or canon camera if it’s left on AUTO all the time? Shooting in Auto is nice and easy, but since the camera makes all the decisions for you, it’s very difficult to improve your skillset or find out what went wrong when shooting in Automatic mode.

If you think you know someone who could benefit from some one-on-one teaching, let us know by contacting Don Wright Designs & Photography today! This year we’re offering giftcards which will fit great inside a stocking or under a Nashville Area Christmas tree – all you have to do is call or email us to setup the lesson-giving!

$99 special price for 2 hours of individual photography lessons and $50 per additional hour.  Bring a friend along for $50 – up to 4 total students per lesson!

Stars, Timelapse, Night Photography Series

Stars rotating around North Star in Murfreesboro Timelapse by Don Wright

First Night Photos of the Summer

In light of the meteor shower that we had a couple days ago, I got inspired and decided to setup some long exposure time-lapse photos right here in my back yard. While conditions were perfect, and gear was setup – I didn’t realize that clouds were soon rolling in and would end up completely botching my plan to get 6 hours of earth’s rotation, and ended up getting only 1.5 hours of rotation . . . . bummer. But, there’s always next week or whenever the next clear night will be. Stay tuned for links to the video sequence, clouds and all! (more…)

Murfreesboro Portraits of Adorable Children | Launa

Hawaii Landscape Photos | It’s Not About the Camera

The best camera is the one you have with you, with a charged battery and a non-full memory card. Trust me. You can have a Nikon d4 but if you’ve got the wrong lens, full card, or too much gear to carry it’s worthless. This photo set is proof of that . . . shot with an old Canon Powershot G9 in Hawaii.

Advanced Photography Lessons in Nashville TN

Please note that this post is currently being added to and will continue to be revised:

I taught our Three-Hundred-and-Tenth photography lesson this week . . . I started realizing how many that really is – we’ve also had 44 people who have already come back for a second lesson and even 8 who have finished their THIRD and more specialized photography lesson.  Most of these lessons have been pairs of friends, siblings, co-workers or family members and very few have been more than 4 students per lesson.  In the last 36 months of teaching lessons – I’ve learned that (like most learning) things are much more absorbed by my students with one-on-one attention and troubleshooting.

A few nights ago we were trying to come up with some really specialized topics to promote which have been popular requests from students during their first lessons.  In middle TN there are lots of budding photographers who really love stars.  I’ve been asked as many times how to accurately photograph the moon and stars – to which my usual reply is something like

“well, let’s learn aperture and shutterspeed first, toss in a little bit of ISO understanding – and get to shooting some in Manual, as well as Aperture or Shutter-priority.  After that we’ll schedule another time to get together and focus on some more advanced techniques but today, my goal is to leave here knowing that you will never again panic and revert to AUTO”

Advanced Photography Lesson Topics

So this list is going to become the foundation for advanced topics that we hope to begin teaching more of this coming Fall Season:

1) Intro to Off-Camera Lighting (using your flash NOT mounted on your camera)
2) Action Photography and Perceived Motion
3) Headshots/Portraiture (traditional)
4) Nightscapes (stars, moon, sky etc)

Some examples of what you might learn in Nightscapes lesson might be the way a flash can affect the depth of a long-exposure night-time photo like this one

Lesson in Long-Exposure photography with and without flash

5) Product Photography (photographs of items)
6) Documentary Photography (Journalism and Candid Techniques/Strategies)
7) Panoramic Photography (Shooting & Processing)

Nashville TN Event Photography

While we make a point to show off our favorite genres of photography such as lifestyle, photo-journalism, and such – part of what pays the bills around here is our event photography coverage which has taken off in the Nashville TN area recently.  Lately we’ve been getting lots of phone calls from companies having conventions or conferences, ad firms looking for coverage of events around Nashville and Savannah, or even Private Universities in need of some additional documentation of ceremonies, graduations and the likes.

MTSU alumni at pigskin pre-game fundraiser | Murfreesboro TN Event Photographer

Conductor at Belmont's Ceremony 2012 | Nashville Event Photography

All these client’s had very different event’s to cover, and our diverse background in many types of photography styles allowed us to cover each and every one far beyond their expectations.  We enjoy being a part of all types of events and take great pride in our opportunity to serve such a wide variety of events.

Speaker and Panel Members at NAS Nashville Event Photo


Well dressed students at Belmont Ceremony 2012 | Nashville Event Photography

It’s our goal to document these events with the same enthusiasm and effort as we would a wedding.  We not only cover the entirety of the occasion, but look for the most artistic and expressive angle and approach to deliver images that are MORE than adequate in order to make sure that the client remembers us the next time they plan an event in the Southeast Region.  We hope to further spread our event photography coverage beyond Nashville TN and Savannah GA and are more than willing to travel to provide these services.

table decorations and colorful presentation | Nashville Event Photography


colorful performers at belmont's 2012 ceremony | Nashville Event Photography

Some of our recent event photography client’s include Belmont UniversityMontgomery Bell AcademyVeterinary Emergency Critical Care SocietyMiddle Tennessee State UniversityThe Brick Factory and the National Assessment Board.

table decor and musicians at belmont ceremony photography | Nashville Event Photography

DJ Kayjay – Beautiful Entertainers & Celebrities

DJ Kayjay mixing music black and white beautiful blonde bombshell playmate turntables

Playboy Playmate DJ Kayjay mixing turntables music live blonde

Blonde Playmate DJ Kayjay gorgeously making music