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Nashville TN Event Photography

Wide Shot of Conference Room for VECCS - Nashville Event Photograph

While we make a point to show off our favorite genres of photography such as lifestyle, photo-journalism, and such – part of what pays the bills around here is our event photography coverage which has taken off in the Nashville TN area recently.  Lately we’ve been getting lots of phone calls from companies having conventions […]

Leaving Las Vegas

Okay so unlike Nicolas Cage in “Leaving Las Vegas” we didn’t drink ourselves into a [complete] stupor and neither of us fell in love with an escort. However, we did leave with some great new knowledge, new friends, and some awesome photos to add to our portraits portfolio! In case you haven’t kept up with […]

My New Friend

Tennessee Donkey Portrait | Mom + Baby mule

Time for some Fun Images

Goats in a field | Landscape photographer Don Wright

It has been decided That I need to bring the fun and spontaneous photographer who I used to be back from hiding . . . I miss so many adventurous, sometimes silly, yet completely selfish photos which are taken by me, for me, and for that alone.  I’m going to begin “photo-blogging” more often, and […]

Random Photo | I Like It

Photo of Walking down Hallway | Black and White Nashville Photography

Love this image. I’d like to say I don’t know why because it’s kind of odd, but I do know why . . . what are your thoughts?

Southeast GA Landscapes

Went to visit Southeast GA this week – only had ONE DAY of good weather – but took the opportunity to shoot a few frames in between visiting with family!

Grand Entrance | Pensacola Wedding Photography

So I was actually a GUEST at a wedding recently!! It was so nice being able to take some casual shots for a friend meanwhile watching a fellow wedding photographer work – anyway – I did manage to steal this great moment