Very Rough First Attempt at Creating Moving Photographs

They are sometimes called “cinemagrams” but really it’s just a fancy word for an animated gif. Gif is an old type of image format made popular back in the 80s that stands for “graphic interchange format” and allows animated frames. The unfortunate part, however, is that it only allows 256 color-spectrum meaning we photographers are […]

Stars, Timelapse, Night Photography Series

Stars rotating around North Star in Murfreesboro Timelapse by Don Wright

First Night Photos of the Summer In light of the meteor shower that we had a couple days ago, I got inspired and decided to setup some long exposure time-lapse photos right here in my back yard. While conditions were perfect, and gear was setup – I didn’t realize that clouds were soon rolling in […]

Hawaii Landscape Photos | It’s Not About the Camera

landscape photo of stars and islands in Hawaii

The best camera is the one you have with you, with a charged battery and a non-full memory card. Trust me. You can have a Nikon d4 but if you’ve got the wrong lens, full card, or too much gear to carry it’s worthless. This photo set is proof of that . . . shot […]

Valley of Fire

Valley of fire landscape photograph

When we were out in Las Vegas for our WPPI trip, I wish I had taken MORE landscape photos – but this one is pretty great. I did NOT use a tilt-shift lens, or a lens baby – I simply used some photoshop magic to give it the miniature effect. I’m not sure if I […]

Time for some Fun Images

Goats in a field | Landscape photographer Don Wright

It has been decided That I need to bring the fun and spontaneous photographer who I used to be back from hiding . . . I miss so many adventurous, sometimes silly, yet completely selfish photos which are taken by me, for me, and for that alone.  I’m going to begin “photo-blogging” more often, and […]

Southeast GA Landscapes

Went to visit Southeast GA this week – only had ONE DAY of good weather – but took the opportunity to shoot a few frames in between visiting with family!

Florala Sunset