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Mentoring Photography Lessons Now Available in Nashville Area

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As you may or may not already know, we’ve taught ALMOST 600 private photography lessons since 2009 and due to popular demand, we’re now offering to accompany YOU on your next photo shoot and lend our experience to help you grow as a photographer in a real world shoot.  Our lessons are great, but there […]

Photography Lessons make GREAT Christmas Gifts

You might have a special someone or family member who you know is getting a fantastic new digital SLR camera for Christmas this year in Nashville.  If you do, why not compliment their wonderful new gear with a 2 hour private photography lesson to make sure they get to know the ins and outs of […]

Advanced Photography Lessons in Nashville TN

Lesson in Long-Exposure photography with and without flash

Please note that this post is currently being added to and will continue to be revised: I taught our Three-Hundred-and-Tenth photography lesson this week . . . I started realizing how many that really is – we’ve also had 44 people who have already come back for a second lesson and even 8 who have […]

Meet Aliegh | Our Workshop Model

Aleigh was awesome and came to be our test subject while teaching our very first lighting workshop – not only was she delightfully easy-going and patient while explained boring stuff like the inverse square law, exponential fall-off and such – but even after 3 hours – she still smiled, and had tremendously contagious energy – […]

Five New Ways to Refresh Your Photography

Nikon FE Silver Vintage Metal Body Camera 50mm Lens

I never realized how much I love teaching and sharing my knowledge with others until 2 years ago when a friend suggested that I start offering photography lessons in the Nashville area.  Throughout middle school, high school and college I did some tutoring here and some speaking exercises at mock-trials and pseudo legislatures (youth ledge […]

Lighting Workshop Nashville TN March 4th

Lighting Photography Workshop March 4th

I’m proud to announce our greatest new workshop since we started teaching lessons 2 years ago. In the past 2 years we’ve taught over 260 photography lessons to great success and have had an absolute BLAST helping you guys learn to use your cameras. Now its time for the next phase. Its going to be […]

Senior Photo Tips | Portrait Photography Nashville TN

Senior Portrait, barn, boots, sexy

Get plenty of SLEEP- you want to look refreshed and alert, so make sure you have at least two night’s worth of decent shut-eye. HAIR- if you want to cut your hair, do so two weeks prior to the shoot. This way the cut will look more natural. To shave or not to shave: it’s […]