Mentoring Photography Lessons Now Available in Nashville Area

As you may or may not already know, we’ve taught ALMOST 600 private photography lessons since 2009 and due to popular demand, we’re now offering to accompany YOU on your next photo shoot and lend our experience to help you grow as a photographer in a real world shoot.  Our lessons are great, but there is absolutely no replacement for having some one guide you and assist you at a real client session – now is the time.  We are currently only able to book one mentoring session per week, and all sessions will be scheduled in the order we receive requests.  Our photography lesson in Nashville have been one of the most successful endeavors we’ve taken on and Tom Brewer and I absolutely LOVE teaching you how to use your camera more confidently and helping you understand the controls and technical aspects so that you may go forward with your creativity and no longer be crippled by the unknown settings on your fancy new canon or nikon DSLR.

nikon cameras and pocketwizards and lenses

Photography Mentoring Lesson Prices

Private lessons as already available: $149 for 2 Hours, bring a friend for $50 additiona
New Mentoring Session 1/2 Day:$300 for 4 hours
Full Day Mentoring Session:$550 for FULL DAY 8 hours

State of our Website

Unfortunately we’re still not quite finished launching the all new website, so things are kind of a digital mess right now – but we hope to launch the new all-in-one site by march 1st. We apologize for the delays and the slow updates we’ve made lately. In the meantime, to sign up for a 1/2 day or full day mentoring session and invite us to come to a shoot with you, please contact us over at our wedding photography site while we finish rebuilding our new site from the ground up.