Senior Photo Tips | Portrait Photography Nashville TN

  • Get plenty of SLEEP- you want to look refreshed and alert, so make sure you have at least two night’s worth of decent shut-eye.
  • HAIR- if you want to cut your hair, do so two weeks prior to the shoot. This way the cut will look more natural. To shave or not to shave: it’s up to you. Feel free to come with a full beard/mustache/ gotee. You can shave them off for different looks
  • Clothes-Avoid patterns. Popular trends include worn out jeans, earth-toned tops, and jackets (don’t forget your school jacket).  Make sure your clothes are a reflection of YOU and your style.
  • Accessories- BRING PLENTY! Mix and match earrings, bracelets, hats, and necklaces with your outfits.Senior Portrait, barn, boots, sexy
  • MAKE UP- ladies, make sure you have everything you need for touch ups including makeup, hair brushes, and curling irons. Apply makeup evenly and don’t worry about blemishes (we’ll take care of that) Also make sure to bring along  lip gloss or chap stick to make those lips pop!
  • Bring a FRIEND along- They will ease any nerves you may have about the photoshoot AND they can join in on some pictures if you prefer.
  • PERSONALITY/PROPS- Bring items that reflect your personality, hobbies, and talents. This can include instruments, sports equipment , cars, pets, etc.
  • SMILE AND HAVE FUN- Don’t forget to show off those pearly whites. Practice your smile in front of the mirror a few days before the shoot and get comfortable with it.